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Magic Loop 2 at a time

Anyone that has knitted socks will understand what ‘second sock syndrome’ is!


Having finished the first sock, the thought of doing the same thing all over again can be off-putting. So much so, there are lonely single socks, sitting in drawers and the backs of cupboards waiting for their partners to be knitted.

This need not happen; it is quite easy to knit 2 socks at a time using the magic loop.

The workshop will 
1.    Run through the basics of knitting in the round using the magic        loop method.
2.    Cover the pitfalls to watch out for when starting a single magic      loop.
3.    Explain how to set up 2 magic loops on 1 set of circular needles.
4.    Provide the attendees with tuition and time to practice,              supporting individuals to master the technique.


Attendees will receive
1.    Printed step by step instructions on how to knit using a magic        loop.
2.    A set of circular needles.
3.    A folder in which to keep the above


This workshop would be suitable for those who can already cast on and knit and take 1.5 hours to deliver.

It would be suitable for approximately 10 people.

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