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There is a wide variety of workshops to select from using both machine and hand sewing and knitting techniques. 

With each workshop, I provide a comprehensive handout that gives a guide to the skills covered in the workshop. I have had much positive feedback regarding the usefulness and clarity of the handouts I provide.

As I want people to be able to continue the skills learnt during the workshop following the session, I see it as essential to provide some clear written information to take away.

I have eight sewing machines available, so if not everyone has their own machine, or are not able to bring theirs, this can help provide enough to work on.


I have been in love with Clamshells for 35 years, making my first project with them to celebrate my wedding, this was a King Size Duvet cover. 

There are a number of ways to piece Clamshells, 'Molly's Method' does not require using papers in forming the shapes and is a hand technique. 

My workshops cover how to piece Clamshells by hand, or on a sewing machine, or both, depending on the time available. I have a number of projects for groups to work on. These include coasters, table mats, cafe pot cosy and cushion covers.

The templates are provided by me and can be purchased for participants as part of the workshop, or bought separately following the workshop. 

Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Silk ribbon is a lovely textile to work with and can create many beautiful flowers. My workshops are an introduction to the techniques involved in this art. Each workshop focuses on a different flower shape and a greetings card is made by the end of the workshop.

MollyBrownSilkRibbon Rose-web.jpg
MollyBrownDaisy and Poppy-web.jpg
Pink Fuschia Molly Brown-web.jpg
Hand Sewind and Embroidery

Hand sewing and embroidery is a wonderfully calming and centering activity. It can be very portable, so can travel with you anywhere you go and be to hand to take a moment to make a few stitches.

Shisha Embroidery - this was initally planned as a one hour introduction and has become one of my most popular wotkshops at shows. Howerver, one hour is just a very quick introduction, there is plenty more to know about shisha and the workshop eaisily fills a day when different ways of attacheing the mirros are investigated, along with different shapes.

Profanity Embroidery - inspired by the PEG of Whistable I have started doing this as a workshop. Itis great fun and can be a wonderful part of any celebration party. Hen parties, birthday parties or even divorce parties. A fun introduction to embroidery.

Summer Tree - this cute little fram is a great place to hold a mini embroidered tree, a fabulous project for anyone new to embroidery.

Canadian Smocking - is most well known for 1950's cushion covers, now back on trend in the vintage look.

In this workshop you will learn how to work Canadian Smocking. I will provide information about how to work a larger project and you will have a piece of satin to work with following the workshop.

Cheerful Tulip - these lovely cheerful tulips are a great way to brighten up your space. Simply made by hand (or some steps ona machine), they are guranteed to bring a smile to your face. A quick and simple project to make.

Pinwheel Catherdral Window - as an introduction to cathedral window patchwork, these cute pincushions make a great  project. Lots of possible variations and quick and easy to make.

v1Pinwheel Cathedral Window Pincushion Molly Brown-web.jpg
Free Motion Machine Embroidery

My workshops for free motion machine embroidery are designed as an introduction to the technique.  The projects worked on give you confidence in using the sewing machine to draw. At the end of the workshop, you have a small item made whilst practicing. 

The workshops are Fabulouse Flowers, Snowflakes and Rose Bud mini picture.

Machine Sewing Workshops

If you are not very familiar with using a sewing machine, here are workshops to help build your confidence.

Four Skills in One Bag - in this workshop you will learn how to applique, apply elastic, make and use bias binding and free motion machine embroider. All these skills are used to make this very useful bag to keep your store of plastic bags in.

Coil Pots - this is a very popular workshop and is great fun. It is always wonderful to see how individuals make such different looking vessels with the same instructions and same materials. Be prepared to be amazed that you can make these fabulous little pots on your sewing machine. They are quite addictive to make and mesmerising to watch them grow as you stitch. Always a joy.

Zipped Bag - overcome your fear of zips by making this useful little bag. Make them for yourself or to give as gifts, either way they are attractive and useful.

Chenille -  you will learn how to layer fabrics to get a wonderful variety of effects from this lovely way of adding texture to fabric. Initially you will make some samples to experiment with the technique. Then you will make a cushion cover as in the picture, or to your own design.

Laundry Bag and Eco Wipes - find out how to make reusable facial wipes, with a handy laundry bag with a pretty duck motif. In this workshop you will learn about sewing fine fabrics, applique and using snap fasteners.

Applique Cushion Cover - there are two designs to choose from. One using negative space, the other is a rose bud design. In both I teach how to make and use your own bias binding.

MollyBrownFlowerBud - AppliqueCushionCover.JPG
Molly Brown - Applique cushion cover.JPG
Knitting Workshops

I love learning new knitting techniques and extending my skills. I see knitting complex patterns as part of my anti-dementia device!

Magic Loop Two at a Time - in this workshop you will not only learn how to knit in the round using one magic loop, but also how to set up two magic loops. So no more 'second sock syndrome'. 

Using this technique you can knit a pair of sleeves, a pair of socks or a pair of mittens and the joy is they both grow at the same rate.

Entrelac - knitting entrelac gives a beautiful texture to knitting. In this workshop you will learn each of the techniques needed to work this fascinating knitted effect.

Fairisle and Intarsia - clarify the difference between the two techniques and learn how to knit them both. In this workshop you will knit a small sample of your own, as you learn the techniques involved in Fairisle and Intarsia.

Cable and Bobbles - another way to add texture to knitting is to make cables and bobbles. In this wokshop you will make a small sample using both skills.

Two Colour Brioche Stitch - another technique giving a lovely deep texture to knitting. It provided a wondeful deep ridged rib that looks good on both sides.

Double Knitting - knits a double thickness of fabric at one time, with both sides having a right side look. When knitted in two colours, the colours can be swapped over to give a pattern on both sides of the knitting.

Christmas Decorations - you can knit little tree decorations, in this workshop you will learn how. Knit either mini jumpers (with their own mini hanger) or families of snowmen. Have fun with them and put them on your tree, or give as gifts.

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